Drawout Panels Suppliers and Exporters

Over a decade, Samcon is a leading control panel manufacturer in OEM segment. The design meets technical requirement of all kind of industries such as Cement, Steel Chemical, Fertilizers & many process plants. The designs are capable of accommodating any make of switchgears& are suitable to built intelligent MCC's. Now company has into open Market with the launch of Factory Built Draw out panels in the collaboration with highly experienced leading technocrat in this field. Rugged, reliable & safety, true interchangeability are the distinguished features of this design.

• Easily approachable main bus-bars located at the top.
• Power & auxiliary Control contacts are self-aligning & self-disconnecting .
• Vertical bus-bars are provided with contact  Element for Drawout contacts Spring Loaded Earth Contacts

• Fully compartmentalized
• With-drawable drawout Modules with 3  distinct position viz Test, Service 8 Isolation.
• Drawout Modules of same size are fully interchangeable.
• Vertical Busbar system, which is totally enclosed, vermin-proof & dust proof 
• Automatic safety shutter for the vertical bus-bar.
• Swivelling lever- guide provided for easy withdrawal  of the modules without any additional tools.
• For ample working space, feeder & cable alley doors open in opposite directions .

• Easy Supervision & Maintenance
• Ease For Maintenance& Commissioning person
Ensures operator safety.
• Low Down Time
• Easy Replacement
• Prevents Accidental Contacts & Short Circuit
• Easy Supervision & Maintenance
• No Mismatch of Contacts
• Prevents Damage to Main V BUS even after  number of insertions.
• Ensures Safely

Salient features of MCC / PCC enclosure :
• Fully compartmentalized design.
• Draw out trolleys/module incoming and outgoing power and control contacts automatically also late without manual disengagement in three distinct position i.e. service, test isolate.
• All Draw out units are fully interchangeable.
• Totally enclosed vermin and dustproof.
• Safety shouters provided accidental contact from vertical bus bars.
• Latest design of our draw out enclosure provide maintenance free vertical bus bars with our joint.
• Main bus bar HBB are approachable from the top.
• Self aligning and disconnecting power and control contact.
• Racking Screw arrangement with telescopic rails system provide safe and sure. Smooth movement like Draw out and insertion if module.
• New design provide top and bottom guide along with swiveling lever for easy module withdrawal without tools.
• Modular construction with wide choice of compartment size.
• Standard module size minimum 225mm and up to 1500mm height in step of 75rnm.
• Bolted design and assembly allow ease of alteration of extension at site.
• Hinged auxiliary door inside main compartment door permit mounting of control accessories, such as meters, selector switch, indicating lamps, push buttons and reset actuator.
• Further this system improve better utilization of equipment plate and total interchangeability of trolleys.
• Spring loaded scraping earthling provided with first make and last brake arrangement.
• Maximum eight numbers auxiliary bus bar center provide in top chamber and segregation from HBB zone.
• Large cabling space with adequate cable supports, are provided in CBC.
• Incoming and outgoing stab in type power contacts up to 800Amps. Provide very large range of feeders of different types.

Technical Data
Rated voltage 600volts, 50HZ.
Phase 3 phase and neutral of 4 poles.
Rated current Main Bus bar -3200Amp Vertical bus bar-800Amp
Short circuit strength Standard 50ka 1 second Optional 65ka 1 second
Enclosure type IP-52
Bus bar material Horizontal Aluminum 3200A max Vertical Aluminums 800Amp max and Cooper 1000Amp max
Bus bar support SMC (FRP)
Single front 800/850 W x 600D x 2400H. Max
Double front 800/850W x 800D x 2400H. Max.
Standard : IS 8623.1993 and IEC 61439/60439